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Manage Your Mind Series

Courses designed to help you redefine what’s truly possible and retrain your mind to achieve your goals and become the person you have always had the potential to be.

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Get down to business now with courses designed to refocus your mind in a whole new way. Build purpose and confidence that will help you achieve your career objectives .

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Manage Your Mind

Welcome to

Mental Wellness Unleashed

A Journey of Purpose and Fulfillment

You Are Not Alone

40% of employees say they experience persistent stress or excessive anxiety on a daily basis. 1 in 5 adults experience a mental health condition which is 43.8 million people a year
(this is just what is reported.) The National Institute of Mental Health reported that Depression and Anxiety are the top disabilities nationwide.

Impacts To The Bottom Line

Healthcare costs have risen over 40% and companies can expect to pay more than $3000 per employee based on mental health conditions alone. 4.6 days of absenteeism per employee are due to mental health conditions and cost the US 250 billion dollars a year. The Anxiety And Depression Association of America states that anxiety and stress alone cause the US more than 42 billion dollars annually.

Our Mission

Create a stigma-free Mental Health and Wellness workplace environment by implementing a framework of awareness, programs, practices and education for teams, organizations, professional associations and schools.

How Our Model Works

Our model is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques that we have been putting to practice every day for over 20 years. By identifying the desired state, assessing the current environment, we design and implement programs, processes and tools specific to your needs. This results in building a self-sustaining framework that grows and evolves with you and the organization.

Here is What We Do

We empower employees and individuals to manage their mindset by providing techniques and resources to effectively manage how to respond and react to any giving situation resulting in a strong organizational mental health environment.

On-line And Instructor Led
Training Programs

We provide presentations, training and a Lunch-N-Learn Series that drive behaviors to shift and grow your mindset through self-management and self-care tools. Programs can be delivered by our facilitators or we can certify yours.

Individual And Group

We help you discover your mindset shift and growth traits by leveraging The Mind Methodology Model to help you establish your personal and professional goals and empower you to reach them.


We guide organizations through a transformation to build, evolve and increase a stigma-free culture of mental health and wellness. This results in a differentiating workplace environment that supports employees in bringing their best selves to work.

Speaking Engagements and

We deliver key note speaking events, workshops, team building activities and focus groups that inspire and influence change to develop and sustain a mentally healthy environment.

The Real Experience

Utilizing over two decades of Cognitive Behavior Techniques and Tools

“Facing adversity with resilience and authenticity to help create solutions to transform behavior
and mindset is the key to life-changing growth.”

~ Kristin Durney