Our Products and Services

We work with organizations, professional associations, schools and churches to create a Stigma-Free Mental Health and Wellness Environment by implementing a framework of awareness, training, tools and resources. Solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs and results in a better employer for you, your family and your community.
  • Training Programs for Leaders and Employees
  • Consulting on Corporate Culture and Employee Engagement
  • Facilitation of Team building, Workshops and Lunch-N-Learn events
  • Coaching for Individuals, Groups and Executives
  • Key Note Speaker

Training & Development

Manage Your Mind Training Program


  • Motivational Mindset

    Understand what a growth mindset is, how to create it and tools to practice and implement it as a lifestyle change.
  • Eliminating Self-Limiting Beliefs

    Identify individual self-limiting beliefs and replace them with positive and true thought patterns.
  • Managing Anxiety and Stress

    Identify and practice techniques to reduce and decrease daily anxiety and stress.
  • Circle of Awareness

    Identify your level of awareness for 7 aspects of life, determine which areas to address and understand tools and resources available to move to higher a state of happiness and success.
  • Your Purpose Your Why

    Identify your true purpose and passion in life, define your why and build your Journey Map to get there.

Programs can be purchased with a Facilitator package to certify your facilitators, or certified MWU facilitators can facilitate on site.

Programs can be developed to fit your company’s individual needs.

Modalities are virtual, instructor-led, on-line and can be self-directed.

“I found Motivational Mindset training to be incredibly helpful and motivational. This training not only helped me to better understand some of the areas I struggle with but offered easy and obtainable tools to work through. I also found the examples of the influential people and how they use these techniques inspirational!”

– Retail Associate at Pre-Professional Dance & Education School

“After your webinar, my professional career changed for good. Even though I had a strong resume that showcased my skills, there was a missing part that I could not find in any other source. They suggested tips, ideas, and steps we can follow in order to receive a better response from recruiters. Before attending the training I only received 2 responses for every 10 jobs I applied. The outcome after receiving the Resume training is phenomenal because I have been contacted by 7-8 recruiters for every 10 jobs I applied.”

– Jahaira Orozco

Lunch-N-Learn Series

A facilitated training or presentation focused on a single topic, tool or development activity to foster the employee experience and improve their mindset, behaviors and personal and professional relationships.
1 to 1.5-hour session
  • Growth vs. Mindset
  • Fostering Team Communication
  • Eliminating Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Circle of Awareness
  • Motivational Mindset
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Creating Your Journey Map
  • Starting a Conversation About Mental Health and Wellness
  • Strength Finders
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Exercising Influence
  • Personalysis